SBI supported Research

Diseases of the brain and central nervous system have the single largest impact on society, larger than any other disease area. In Europe alone, the estimated impact on society of these diseases is estimated to be well over 800 billion € and these diseases affect about one third of the population. Today, following numerous failures in clinical trials, many large pharmaceutical companies have decided to largely abandon research and development in CNS diseases, including all companies in Sweden. No fundamental treatments exist or are in sight for most disorders of the CNS, leaving a large unmet and unaddressed need. This development is unfortunate and will thus be in conflict with the increase in life expectancy and the future increases in prevalence of CNS-related diseases. Finally, it is clear that progress in the basic neurosciences is not effectively being translated into medical innovations.

The Berzelii Centre Stockholm Brain Institute (Centre) offers an academic-innovation space for public and private partners to collaborate in scientific projects. This Centre serves as a base for internationally leading and developing research groups from three Stockholm area universities, Karolinska Institutet (KI), Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Stockholm University (SU). Through collaboration with industrial partners from the biomedical, biotechnical and pharmaceutical industry, and with public partners in health care and education, we seek to exploit the development and commercialisation of our research findings. These efforts will;

1) Identify and develop biomarkers and other translational neuroscience efforts to detect and follow disease progression,

2) Develop new technologies that will support new and better treatments and

3) Initiate novel treatments, including drug discovery and development programs either organically or in collaboration with our partners’ on-going programs.

The Stockholm Brain Institute can be regarded as a platform for collaboration between academy and industry where the aim is to facilitate the process of taking results to the market. By having a close collaboration with StratNeuro, which is a network of researchers involved in basic neuroscience research, SBI can early identify interesting projects that can be brought in into SBI.

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