SBI Research Seminar October 13, 12.15-13.15

OBS! Changed lecturer and title!


Genuine acupuncture effects and placebo effects during acupuncture needling for neurological side-effects including neuropathic pain in cancer patients.


Kristina Lagerstedt, PhD-student
Linköping University and County Council of Kronoberg

Place: Tellus, Scheeles väg 1, plan 5, Karolinska Institutet



Chemotherapy including oxaliplatin increases survival after surgery for colorectal cancer but passes the blood-brain barrier and often produces cognitive dysfunctions and neurotoxic side effects. These neurological symptoms include eg. Disturbed sensation, neuropathic pain, and dysfunctions in speech, taste and swallowing, for which there is no proven effective pharmacological or non-pharmacological treatment. Acupuncture has been suggested to be a possible but yet unproven treatment alternative, related to eg. increased microcirculation and anti-inflammatory effects in peripheral nerve endings, as well as related to central hormonal and placebo effects. The introduction of a credible and inert “placebo”-needle hasdeveloped the opportunity to study genuine effects as well as placebo effects during acupuncture needling in clinical settings.



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