SBI Research Seminar February 2, 2015 at 12.15

“Functional brain networks in time display both bursty and persistent properties”


William Hedley Thompson

PhD Student

DeptofClinical Neuroscience

Karolinska Institutet


The brain consists of multiple large-scale functional networks. These networks process different types of information. For example, we know that the information processed in the visual network of the brain can be transferred to the attention networks. How and when do these networks communicate with each other? First, I will briefly illustrate three levels the brain’s networks can be analyzed upon: structural, functional and dynamic. In recent years, large amount of evidence for some fundamental properties regarding the structural and functional levels. Second, I will present evidence for properties on the dynamic level of networks. These properties, unlike the other levels, primarily reveal the nature of between-network interaction. This was made possible by a method we developed, which I will briefly talk about. Finally, some behavioral relevance of these measures will be shown.


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