Call for project proposals: Deadline, September 15, 2014

Dear neuroscientist,

As the Stockholm Brain Institute is entering Stage 3 of funding from Vinnova/VR we are extending a Call for new project proposals.

The mission of the Stockholm Brain Institute is to be an internationally recognized centre in translational neuroscience that attracts, develops and commercializes partnerships with the private and public sectors. Through these partnerships we will develop joint projects that exploit neuroscience expertise that will lead to novel ways to diagnose, treat, or prevent brain disorders.

The grant applications should be in the following areas of research:
1) Identification and development of biomarkers and other translational neuroscience efforts to detect and follow disease progression,
2) Developing new technologies that will support new and better treatments of CNS disorders and,
3) Initiation of novel treatments, including drug discovery and development programs either original or in collaboration with our partners’ on-going programs.

Please see the attached call text for further information on the call and details for the applications procedure,

140707 Stockholm Brain Institute call for proposals 2014 (2)

Best regards,

Ed Johnson

Dennis Hellgren

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