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The Stockholm Brain Institute (SBI) is a Vinnova/Vetenskaprådet-funded Berzelii Centre where industrial and public (e.g., Stockholm-area Universities) partners work together to build a research program in the area of Translational Neuroscience. At SBI, we do not have physical research labs, rather we provide the environment, incentive and funding to exploit platforms of basic and clinical research to drive innovation by supporting collaborative projects to address the unmet in disorders of the brain.

Mission: To be an internationally recognised centre in translational neuroscience that attracts, develops and commercialises partnerships with the private and public sectors. In these partnerships we will develop joint projects that exploit our expertise to lead to novel ways to diagnose, treat, or prevent brain disorders.

The objectives are:

  • Innovative research in collaboration with the public and private sectors that meets specific needs of society
  • International leadership in translational neuroscience
  • Sustainability